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I sit next to a popular sports boy in my math class and he was sleeping so i leaned over and doodled a flower on his paper and the first time he didn’t wake up but the second time he did & smiled at me and later in class i saw he had doodled a whole tiny meadow around the 2 flowers and he was trying to hide it but it didn’t work..i know ur secret popular sports boy, u are just as dorky & cute as everyone else

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Watch it in video

interesting how the answers change as the men get younger

and they call OUR generation lost

i’m glad it got more promising

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i’m really torn about whether i want killian’s new outfit to be spoiled. because on one hand i’m desperate to see it.. but on the other i really want it to be a surprise and see it in a full pan up body shot in the episode for the first time and be like ‘woooaahhhhh’ and die. 

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Adam and I had no desire to write damsels in distress. These are women who stand in front of their men. They don't need saving. They can save themselves. - Edward Kitsis [x]

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